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Basement floor coating services for your home in Iowa.

Our basement floor coating services help keep your flooring clean and free of scratches and stains.

Are you tired of struggling with uneven, cracked, and dingy basement flooring? We can help you get the perfect basement floor you’ve always wanted with durable and affordable polyurea basement floor coating installation.

Our experts from Durable Coatings have helped thousands of homeowners with their basement flooring needs, and our priority is always to deliver impeccable craftsmanship and superior results. You can count on us to show up on time and get the job done as promised


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High-Quality Polyurea Floor Coatings for Your Basement

Allow us to turn your average basement flooring into an amazing one using the most advanced flooring solutions.

No matter what style or look you are going for, Durable Coatings is the polyurea basement floor coating company that can match your design aesthetic. With numerous designs and colors to choose from, our clients get durable finishes and the look they want.

While there are many flooring solutions, polyurea is one of the best. Because of its advanced composition, polyurea coating is:

  •  Fast curing: Makes one-day basement floor application possible
  •  100% UV-resistant: Ensures the coating won’t change color over time
  •  Scratch-resistant: You can forget about scratches and lines that affect your basement’s look

When you get polyurea basement floor coating contractors to install your floor, you can rest assured you are getting premium quality. We only work with the best materials to deliver 100% satisfaction and long-lasting results.

At Durable Coatings, we use only top-of-the-line machinery for basement floor coating installation. We offer different textures, from smooth to orange-peel, to meet multiple needs.

Conceals Damaged Flooring & Minimizes Dust

Our polyurea coating systems are also efficient at concealing flooring imperfections, including cracks, breaks, and efflorescence. Once we apply it, the coating also provides anti-dust properties.

Most dust in the basement originates from the floor itself. The dust circulates in the room, collecting on storage items, electronics, and furniture. Over time, it can cause air quality issues throughout your home.

Our polyurea coating will put an end to your dust problem. With a clean, fresh, and easy-to-maintain space, you can use your basement as a home office, gym, or storage area.



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