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Commercial floors should withstand heavy traffic, offer safety, and provide effortless maintenance. They also have to be attractive enough to represent your brand image and make a good first impression among your employees and clients.

While this sounds overwhelming, a commercial floor coating installation from Durable Coatings checks every box. Our cost-effective and quality solutions allow business owners to get the best flooring they need without spending a fortune. Our dedication to achieving 100% customer satisfaction for any project has made us the one-stop destination for a concrete commercial floor coating company.

When it comes to commercial or industrial flooring, it’s all about preventative maintenance.  Having a concrete floor that withstands chemical spills and accidents is essential. 


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Designed To Improve the Look and Feel of Any Corporate Space

When it comes to our products, the installation quality is just as important as the product’s quality. Every floor coating is installed by industry experts who have the skills and experience to quickly and efficiently complete the job, with long-lasting results. Our floor coatings are appropriate for any commercial space, including:

  • Showrooms: Showroom coatings have to impress your clients while also being durable enough to last for years.
  • Schools and libraries: From spilled food to heavy traffic, our flooring is tough enough to stand up to such areas’ hazards.
  • Warehouses: A warehouse requires flooring that is easy to maintain, resists chemicals, and is immune to stains. Our flooring solutions look beautiful, retain the impressive finish for years, and require minimal maintenance.

High-traffic facilities usually demand additional protection for their floors. Without the right industrial floor coatings, chemical spills, stains, and temperature extremes will tear away the surface of your flooring. We have helped business owners prevent these unwanted results with our concrete floor coating. Besides the spaces listed above, our coatings are also appropriate for automotive and repair shops, car dealerships, manufacturing companies, churches, and community centers.

Ensure a Safe and Clean Working Environment

It isn’t easy to find a flooring alternative as durable and affordable as concrete coatings. These coatings protect the floor from wear and tear and create a deterioration-resistant surface. Commercial concrete coatings can protect your industrial floor from staining, chipping, and abrasion.

With a coated floor, you can also add texture to specific areas that are more susceptible to heavy traffic and machinery operation. As a result, you will create a safer working environment for all employees.

Protect your floor investment with quality concrete coatings that are resistant to chemicals, easy to clean, and improve your employees’ safety.


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